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Long Jon Lev, Lisa Anderson and Smokes, Let's Go

Long Jon Lev, Lisa Anderson and Smokes, Let's Go
Friday, September 15, 2017

Long Jon Lev, Lisa Anderson and Smokes, Let's Go

Where: Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club
109 7 Avenue S.W Calgary
When: Friday September 15, 2017
Doors: 9:00pm
Admission: $10.00 Advance Available at or

Long Jon Lev
Featuring the thoughtful, poignant lyrics and memorable, hummable melodies of Canadian songsmith Jonathan Ferguson, Long Jon Lev’s Telltale Heart is an album by a band giving in wholeheartedly to their ecleticism and love of surprises. The ever-changing rootsy-pop outfit moves wilfully from driving (Atlas Let Go) to sweet (Girl I Know) to a rollicking, floor-stomping moment of self-reflection (Charity Quilt), all without giving the slightest hint of where they’re going next. Then they do it again.

It’s clear that Long Jon Lev lives to do just one thing: Play smart, catchy music that charms its way into your heart, turns on your brain, and tugs at your soul.

Lisa Anderson
Lisa Anderson’s silly, fierce, perky, and passionate indie-pop reflects the struggles and joys of embracing all life has to offer – the dark, the blissful, and the grey in between.

Anderson is a singer-songwriter from Calgary, Canada who has performed in Spain, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Canada. Since returning to Calgary in 2015, Anderson won an honourable mention at the 2015 Calgary Folk Festival song writing competition for her song “Beautiful Night” and has received praise from the local community. “She is a total package entertainer,” says Lisa Dodd, CCMA award winner. She regularly performs around western Canada and is currently in post-production for her upcoming album.

Smokes, Let's Go
New project featuring Mike Dunn from The Moanin' After...

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