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Palomino Paws Fundraiser and Pet Food Drive

Palomino Paws Fundraiser and Pet Food Drive
Monday, June 5, 2017

The Palomino smokehouse is hosting a Food/ Pet supply drive & Fundraiser for ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) from Monday June 5th – Friday June 9th. By bring in one of the items listed (or similar) and or donating cash to the Palomino Smokehouse you will receive 15% off your bill (excluding happy hour specials). All proceeds will be give to ARF in supporting them helping animals.
Founded in 1995, ARF is a volunteer-based organization and registered non-profit charity. The goal of ARF is to rescue unwanted or stay cats and dogs from rural Alberta and first nation communities and place them in their FUR-EVER homes. While also providing programs to prevent pet over-population, practicing and promoting positive training techniques, vaccinating, de-worming and spaying/neutering animals prior to adoption. While doing all this ARF is also raising their own money to create a new space for them to contiue their hard work, more information can be found here : https://arf.ab.ca/cause/pad-paws/

Some of the Items that are needed:
• 3ft or taller X-Pens/Puppy Pens
• Training treats (freeze dried liver, chicken, Zukes Mini Naturals, Blue Bits, Wild Bits)
• Easy Walk Harnesses, small/medium
• Gastrointestinal wet and/or dry food, c/d wet food (for cats)
• Kitten milk replacement formula
• Nursing bottles
• Brushes: Cat Metal Slicker Brushes
• Scratching posts & pads
• Cat & dog toys
• Litter boxes & scoops
• Stainless steel dishes
• Nail scissors
• Paper Towel
• Toilet paper
• Contractor garbage bags
• Gift cards that can be used to purchased needed items.

Online Donation can be made here. The Palomino Smokehouse goal is to raise 1000.00 for ARF

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<a target="_blank" href="http://www.facebook.com/events/159526147917784">Visit Event on Facebook</a>
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