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Radio Radio with Guests Natural Ensemble

Radio Radio with Guests Natural Ensemble
Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Radio Radio with guests Natural Ensemble

Where: Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club
109 7 Avenue S.W Calgary
When: Tuesdayday March 22, 2016
Doors: 9:00pm
Admission: $15.00 Cheap. Available at https://slothrecords.wordpress.com/ or https://bigtickets.ca/

Radio Radio
With four full-length albums and hundreds of shows under their belt, Radio Radio returns with Light the Sky, set to be released on February 19th, 2016 via Bonsound. Having grown up in an environment where Anglophones rub shoulders with Francophones on a daily basis, the Acadian duo now offers their first album entirely in English.

Gabriel L.B. Malenfant and Jacques Alphonse Doucet celebrate life with their music. The energy is palpable in this joyful album full of rhythms and hip-hop/electro melodies created by Shash’U (Fool’s Gold Records), DJ Champion, J.u.D. and Alex McMahon (who also produced the album).

Radio Radio’s fifth album once again travels across unique, but familiar, worlds. Songs like Busy and Happy Hustler reference life in the fast lane, while Sweater Weather delves into relationship complexities and Remodel (Mike Holmes) mockingly pays homage to home renovations, a common reality for some in their mid-thirties.

This collection of songs depicts, often satirically, various Western symbols and celebrates our commonalities. Dancing, always a sacred act for Radio Radio, is revered especially in Solo Dance Party, to which American singer Leaf (Fool’s Gold Records) lends her voice.

Over the past few years, Radio Radio has become a must-see act, proving themselves to be dangerously powerful time and time again. The album will launch officially during the Montreal High Lights Festival on Monday, February 22nd at Club Soda. The duo and their two musicians (Steve Caron and Kim Ho) will play shows across Quebec in February before visiting Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia in March


Natural Ensemble
"Who is Natural Ensemble? Natural Ensemble, or N.e (always spelt with a lower case e) is a unique hip-hop duo created by the imaginations of two young, talented artists who hail from Okotoks, Alberta, Canada. Early 90‘s hip-hop influences the positive, upbeat lyrics (provided by Josh “Geeze” Giesbrecht) and laid back beats (courtesy of Brendon “B-Ren” Caron). Alone, they could impress any rap enthusiast but together, they’re creativity blends to unveil a side of hip-hop you’ve never heard before.

The official debut of Natural Ensemble was in January, 2010 at Converge - a hip hop music, art and fashion show held at the iconic Calgary Tower. The duo wasted no opportunity to help others with their music, raising over $3,000 for victims of the Haiti earthquake at Hip Hop for Haiti - a hugely successful show that they organized themselves. At the end of 2010 the duo began their relationship with True Rhythm - one of the top hip-hop promoters in Calgary. Since then, N.e has been a permanent name in Calgary hip hop, appearing alongside names like Sweatshop Union, Moka Only, Son Real and Dub FX. In December, 2010 Natural Ensemble signed with their long time friends at indie record label, Big Rock Records Inc. One year later their first album, Naturally, was released at a sold out show in Okotoks. The album saw itself at #17 in the Canadian iTunes Hip Hop chart - a huge success for the duo that was just getting started. More new fans got the chance to discover Natural Ensemble for themselves when Geeze was featured on the single, I’m So Indie, from fellow Calgary hip-hop artist, Transit. The video was featured on Much Music and currently has over 300,000 views on YouTube. On the heels of the successful single, N.e joined Transit and DJ Crosswalk for a western Canadian tour. Natural Ensemble has appeared at some festivals in 2012 including Fozzy Fest and Shake The Lake.

Natural Ensemble has already passed many milestones in a short period of time - so what could be next for Geeze and B-Ren? A Canada-wide tour would be the first time N.e has the chance to bring their music to a stage in front of hip hop fans outside of Western Canada. But of course, “it’s all about the music.” Natural Ensemble wants to bring their second album to hungry fans and make sure there is never a shortage of peace, love and great hip hop. This is just the start of the Natural Ensemble story." - https://www.facebook.com/Natural-Ensemble-120331718007764/timeline

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