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Another Free PBR event. The Utilities, Long Time No Time & More

Another Free PBR event. The Utilities, Long Time No Time & More
Saturday, January 20, 2018

Another Free Pabst Blue Ribbon event with The Utilities, Long Time No Time, Leather Jacuzzi, Bog Bodies, Pank Bend and Polydactic.

Where: Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club
109 7 Avenue S.W Calgary
When: Saturday January 20th, 2018
Doors: 9:00pm
Age: 18+
Admission: FREE

The Utilities
Their work is genuine. They have been making music together for the better part of a decade with sounds drawing from folk and Can-rock. Their take on guitar-heavy indie is both familiar and forward-thinking. - https://theutilities.bandcamp.com/

Long Time No Time
Chaotic Jazz Fusion that grooves

Leather Jacuzzi
A local punk outfit made up of members of Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome, Feel Alright, Blü Shorts and Gawker (plus one member from Toronto), Leather Jacuzzi makes the type of primal punk loved by the weirdos of Calgary. They’re a bit cleaner in production than your average freak, but they make up for it with songs about piss and evading the cops. - https://www.sledisland.com/2017/leather-jacuzzi

Bog Bodies
Like their garish namesake, Bog Bodies are pungent with the sweet odour of decay. Their twitchy scuzz-punk would make an ideal soundtrack to a no-budget movie about misfits who get lit on whippets and drain the local swamp for body parts. - https://www.sledisland.com/2017/bog-bodies

Solo project from Nyssa of Blu Shorts fame

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