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Bazaraba, Culled dual album release with Begrime Exemious

Bazaraba, Culled dual album release with Begrime Exemious
Saturday, November 24, 2018

Bazaraba & Culled dual album release with Begrime Exemious and Iron Tusk

Where: Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club
109 7 Avenue S.W Calgary
18+ with government issued identification
When: Saturday November 24th, 2018
Doors: 9:00pm
Admission: $12.00 Advance Available at https://slothrecords.wordpress.com/ or www.myshowpass.com


Vocal harmonies, thick riffs and mad beats run rampant in this Calgary based power trio. Loud and Lively high energy shows. Debut album released at this show!!


a Sludge/Doom Encrusted Grind band from Edmonton Alberta Canada.The band features members with a historical impact in the Western Canadian heavy music scene with former and current members of bands such as Thorazine, Disciples of Power, WAKE, Exit Strategy, DeathToll Rising, West of Hell, Into Eternity, Untimely Demise, Tales of the Tomb, Begrime Exemious,The Noumenon, Villianizer, Section VIII, Acantha, The Dead Cold, Sedistic Embodiment and Bestir.The band started in early 2017 with the intention of embracing the contrast of slow crushing sludge and
doom riffs with the blistering speed and chaos of grindcore ripe with messages of peace, love and that implore the need for empathy in today's unpredictable and unstable political climate.The debut Mini LP “Thin the Herd, Fail to Learn” will be released October 26th 2018 on LP by Philadelphia independent label Hibernation Release as well as Cassette, CD and Digital by the band themselves. The five unrelenting tracks spanning 25+ minutes embrace the contrast of doom filled riffs with the blistering speed and chaos of grindcore. Mathy, cacophonous and angular, Culled sound like the pangs of the industrial complex working overtime. Technical and percussive segments break into heavy, trudging hooks on a dime. The politically charged lyrics reflect on the oppressive atrocities of the day and is a mainstay for the group in order create awareness and drive home a call to action. The experience is absolutely uncompromising in force, emotion and energy. The PR campaign for the release is scheduled to begin in September via Perfect World Productions.


Begrime Exemious

formed in Edmonton, Canada in late 2005 with the intent of forging raging black/death metal. After executing demo recordings and performing their high energy live shows, the band signed with Dark Descent Records for the release of their debut LP, "Impending Funeral of Man". 2012 sees the band's second album, "Visions of the Scourge", along with an extensive tour of western Canada. The band spent the following years touring the US and Canada and released a string of EPs and splits, which eventually culminated in their 2016 LP, "The Enslavement Conqeust." Combining their black/death metal influences with a DIY crust punk attitude, Begrime Exemious have honed in on their signature sound as they continue to spread their filth across the world.

2006 - Demo 2006 (Self Released, MC/CDr)
2009 - Set Ablaze the Kingdom of Abraham (Self Released, CD)
2010 - Impending Funeral of Man (Dark Descent Records, CD)
2011 - Heretical Serpent Cult (split w/ Nuclearhammer, Dark Descent Records, CD)
2012 - Visions of the Scourge (Dark Descent Records, CD; Self Released, MC)
2013 - Tour Tape MMXIII (Self Released, MC)
2013 - Wasteland of Damnation (Fuel Injected Records, 7"; Self Released, MC)
2014 - Primeval Satellite (Dark Descent Records, 12")
2015 - Split w/ Flash Out (Filth Regime Records, 7")
2016 - The Enslavement Conquest (Dark Descent Records, CD/LP)


Iron Tusk
Meet IRON TUSK, a band whose Dark Spirit roams the Northern Wastelands like the proverbial wendigo. Crashers of couches and cultural barriers, drummer/vocalist Carlin Black Rabbit, guitarist/vocalist Ty Maguire and lead howler/bassist Buddy Wolfleg aren’t just children of the Siksika Nation, AB, they are authors of their own destinies and purveyors of hard rocking rhythms with a restless prairie-punk soul that burns like sweetgrass.


*This event takes place on the territory of the Blackfoot and the people of Treaty 7 Region in Southern Alberta, which includes the Siksika, the Piikuni, the Kainai, the Tsuu T'ina and the Stoney Nakoda First Nations. Calgary is also home to the Metis Nation of Alberta, Region III.

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