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Big Winter Classic '19 Saturday January 26, 2019

Big Winter Classic '19 Saturday January 26, 2019
Saturday, January 26, 2019

The day of party! Saturday at last!

Folks it’s day three of BIG Winter Classic, and things will be very, very real. We’ve got Last Best Brewing & Distilling, Broken City, Inner City Brewing Company, and The Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club doing as they do, plus! The incredible Indigenous Resilience in Music ISITSIIPOTAAKO showcase at the King Eddy YYC!

Oh lawd.

Will you be joining us at the party, with the incredibly talented likes of: Terra Lightfoot Live at Big Winter Classic (Last Best Brewing) // BISON // Yonatan Gat & @The Turning Robe Singers // Close Talker // Chron Goblin // Élisapie Isaac (Elisapie) // Hattie // Living Hour // Alexandria Maillot // Ricca Razor Sharp // miesha & the spanks // Sister Ray // Sarah Houle (Ghostkeeper) // Moonrunner83 // Port Juvee // Bazaraba // KLUSTERFUNK // Zrada // Seth Cardinal (Soft Cure) // Project Blue Book // The Ashley Hundred // The Utilities // Darcy Turning Robe // Pat Clifton x Blume // Stevie’s Revenge // Samantha Savage Smith // B*Les and the Suede // At Mission Dolores // Johnny 2 Fingers & The Deformities // Trey Mark // Physical Copies // & No More Moments!

We’re ready if you are.

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