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DEAD QUIET and Electric OWL with Hashteroid

DEAD QUIET and Electric OWL with Hashteroid
Saturday, June 16, 2018

CGS Events and The Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club Present Dead Quiet, Electric Owl and Hasteroid

Where: Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club
109 7 Avenue S.W Calgary
18+ with government issued identification
When: Saturday June 16th, 2018
Doors: 9:00pm

Dead Quiet
The ageless template laid down by Black Sabbath has been borrowed, stolen, dismantled and rebuilt so many times over the last 40 or more years that it takes a band of singular merit to stand out from the doomed and stoned hordes. Led by former Barn Burner frontman Kevin Keegan (stop laughing, vintage football fans), Dead Quiet have thus far lived up to their name in terms of public profile, but the release of their second album, Grand Rites, looks certain to change that. One of the most imaginative but reassuringly bludgeoning examples of post-millennial Iommi-worship currently available to human ears, it provides strong evidence that Kevin is the next great stoner rock visionary. - https://www.loudersound.com/


Three piece psychedelic groove metal.

Flirting with the eyeliner rock era of Sunset Blvd., Electric Owl’s groovy sound channels the flare of glam metal while still serving the murky spirits of the psychedelic forest. A welcome addition to a traditionally heavy card, the velvet winged trio’s melodic harmonies, prodding percussion and noodling guitar leads soar above the battlefield and make for the clouds in perfect unison. - http://beatroute.ca


There is just about no letup offered across the seven-track/34-minute span of Hasteroid‘s Hashteroid, and even when a moment comes to catch your breath or at least think you might be able to start to, it doesn’t last, the Vancouver three-piece blazing at maximum speed through cuts like “Black Tide” and “Godspeed Below” with bull-in-china-shop subtlety and a difficult-to-pull-off blend of heavy rock and punk, shades of rawest Fu Manchu groove aligning themselves to the unrelenting forward drive one finds in the work of Zeke when one to keep up to find it at all. - http://theobelisk.net


*This event takes place on the territory of the Blackfoot and the people of Treaty 7 Region in Southern Alberta, which includes the Siksika, the Piikuni, the Kainai, the Tsuu T'ina and the Stoney Nakoda First Nations. Calgary is also home to the Metis Nation of Alberta, Region III.

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