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Free upstairs w/ Johnny 2 Fingers and Scratch Buffalo

Free upstairs w/ Johnny 2 Fingers and Scratch Buffalo
Saturday, May 5, 2018

Another FREE Pabst Blue Ribbon event; upstairs with Johnny 2 Fingers and Scratch Buffalo

Where: Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club
109 7 Avenue S.W Calgary
When: Saturday May 5th, 2018
Doors: 9:00pm
Age: 18+
Admission: FREE

Johnny 2 Fingers
Born at a very young age, John Dale was raised by loving middle class parents; he grew up in the middle of the Canadian prairies with all the privileges one could ask for. However John was born with a hideous physical mutation that science could never explain. He was picked on and ridiculed endlessly while growing up, eventually turning to the friendship of insects, snakes and cartoons.

During his teenage years he developed a taste for professional wrestling and rock n roll. Realizing he could never be the great wrestler he envisioned, he picked up the guitar. Unfortunately John's ego spiraled out of control, He began making boisterous and outlandish comments; claiming he was the voice of the unloved and forgotten... Claiming he was a hero... a humanitarian...

Well, John's selfish intentions became all too apparent. He developed a serious addiction to slurpees and cheeseburgers; becoming increasingly aggressive. He hired a general pack of goons dubbed The Deformities to do his bidding. John was just another good apple turned bad; feeling like the world wronged him and it had a little splainin' to do. He vowed to teach society a lesson, one gig at a time... Johnny 2 Fingers was born.

“Who needs ten fingers when you sound this good?” - Kim Kelly (Noisey/Vice)

"Right now, there’s a guitarist from Moose Jaw who might be the saviour of Saskatchewan guitar rock. And he’s missing a bunch of his fingers…. Johnny 2 Fingers & the Deformities take their cues from southern-fried boogie rock and infuse it with a boozy belt of punk rock for good measure.” - Ominocity.


Scratch Buffalo
We play the type of music we love to see live. Music you can dance to, that might be on a Tarantino soundtrack. garage rock. surf rock. 70's punk. - SB

“The Scratch Buffalo attitude to making the grinding, fuzzy, scuzzy, retro ’70s street rock they do is so gloriously refreshing.”– The Calgary Herald

“[Scratch Buffalo] will have your head nodding along with their bashing guitar, smashing cymbals, dashing solos, and Naish’s impassioned vocal stylings.” – Beatroute

“[Scratch Buffalo] will have you singing along in no time, not to mention dancing around your room.”– Canadian Beats


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