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ICKC Calgary

ICKC Calgary
Tuesday, June 19, 2018

*This is a private event, you must RSVP to attend. This is NOT open to the general public*

Form a Team. Pick a song. Create a cocktail inspired by that song. Perform the song, while making the drink, on stage, at the same time.

Not a singer? Have no fear! Just like in any band, not everyone has to be the lead singer, and similar to many bands, the ability to make cocktails is essential to success.

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Friends, Peers and Co-workers can come and cheer on their favorite Band while enjoying delicious Roca PatrĂ³n cocktails and the sweet sounds of shaking (both of what your momma gave you, and actual cocktails!) In between sets, freestyle karaoke will be available to attendees.

This is a 18+ event.

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