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Ninth Annual Sled Island Wrap-Up BBQ: Wand, empath, Prissy Whip, Solid Freex and guests

Ninth Annual Sled Island Wrap-Up BBQ: Wand, empath, Prissy Whip, Solid Freex and guests
Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sunday, June 24 at The Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club (Main Floor, Downstairs and Patio)
Doors at 3:30pm MDT
Passes: http://www.sledisland.com/passes

Each year our friends at The Palomino serve tasty BBQ while some of our favourite bands from the festival play on both floors. Check out the full lineup at SledIsland.com/Schedule.

Led by ex-Mikal Cronin acolyte and psych music auteur Cory Hanson, Wand is like all the best garage rock acts: prolific, freewheeling and effortlessly jaw-dropping. In four albums, the band has covered everything from mind-melting, synth-heavy psychedelia to proto-metal and straight-up swaggering classic rock, all while maintaining a live show that’s sure to cast a spell on attendees.

With an affinity for astrological signs noted on their Bandcamp page, empath consists of a Taurus, a Virgo and a Sagittarius. Rather than butting heads, the band finds harmony in a thick, distorted cloud of noise rock, contrasting angelic vocals with fiery drums and guitars. The lyrics are often hard to make out, but the instrumentation flawlessly conveys empath’s struggle between unfiltered loudness and melodic composition.

Prissy Whip
Prissy Whip make music that explores the opposite of melody. The driving force behind their Dadaist yelping and instrumental tweaking seems to be a hunt for the end of pop and an antagonism to imposed musical structure. It’s one part no wave, two parts demolition, shaken well and poured over broken glass.

Solid Freex
Comprised of a drummer father (who also plays in Trin Tran) and his two sons, Solid Freex is a family raised by insuppressible enthusiasm for punk. The trio’s first album is packed with focused songs, averaging two minutes in length and landing like a flurry of quick jabs. Through shrill vocals, crashing cymbals and brassy guitars, Solid Freex doesn’t give their audience a second to breathe during their berserk set.

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