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Return of the Sled Island Rock Lotto

Return of the Sled Island Rock Lotto
Saturday, February 1, 2020

The wild and unpredictable Sled Island Rock Lotto makes its triumphant return on February 1!

Join us at the Palomino as we bring together 25-30 of Calgary’s brightest musicians to draw names from a hat to form supergroups for one night only, with just 12 hours to write and perform new material!

The Rock Lotto Lineup:

CC Crough (DRI HIEV)
Chris Zajko (Melted Mirror/Sharp Ends)
Cayley Hanrahan (Dark Time)
Harrison Neef (Silkq)
Nicola Cavanagh (Cardiograms/Night Committee)
Janine Bracewell (Same Difference/MoFaux)

Tory Rosso (Windigo)
Matt Pahl (The allovers)
Caitlin Copeland (Fox Opera)
Andrew Tyukasz (NETRVNNER)
Dan Auger (DRI HIEV)
Steve Rozitis (Liquor Mountain)

Jacquie Klapak (Mademoiselle)
Kairu Crough (Sunglaciers/DRI HIEV)
Cameron Siferd (HARSH)
Adam Kamis (Liquor Mountain)
Adam Haussecker (Bad Bodies)
Daniel Baker (Witch Victim/Cascades)

Justin Van Groningen (36?/Pancake)
Tamar Dinner (Switches/Golden Years/Spells)
Sami Parker (God Spilt the Milk/Krill Williams)
Megan Slater (HARSH)
Noah Michael (If I Look Strong; You Look Strong)
Jamie McNamara (Witch Victim)

Miscellaneous (Synths/Keys/Guitars/Brass + more!):
Jamey Richard Lougheed (Copperhead/BLVD NOIR/Foldhed)
Aria Janzen (wanderingaria)
Rosemary Stewart (The Dial Ups)
Eric Heitmann (Speed Strips/Dark Time)
Arif Ansari (Salt Horse/Sled Island Board Of Directors)
Markus Overland (Lucid 44)

Doors at 9pm
Tickets $12 at the door (all proceeds go to Sled Island)

Event URL: 
<a target="_blank" href="http://www.facebook.com/events/1931564423655714">Visit Event on Facebook</a>
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