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Sled Island and Alberta Music present: Selci, Body Lens and more

Sled Island and Alberta Music present: Selci, Body Lens and more
Friday, June 21, 2019


Sled Island and Alberta Music present Selci, Body Lens, Future Womb and Matthew Cardinal

Encasing you in layers of ambient beats and jazz-infused electronica, Selci is a journey that takes you to the ethers and back again. Hailing from Winnipeg, the now-Calgarian is incubating her potent vision in the local underground electronic scene. She weaves vibey synth and layered harmonies in with her classical background to create a form of free-standing art pop that is truly effervescent.

Body Lens
This Lethbridge five-piece play hooky and kooky, 21st-century post-punk. Centred around melodic call-and-response guitar work, an economical rhythm section and dispassionate, low-register vocals, Body Lens casts a very distinct shadow that begs to be seen and heard.

Future Womb
Led by singer-songwriter/dancer/actor Mikaela Cochrane, Future Womb’s sound is vulnerable, but mighty. Cochrane’s ethereal voice is accompanied by her own synth-heavy arrangements, with a full band to fill out her moody sound. With a new album full of songs detailing stories of trauma and recovery, Future Womb captivate through their (relatively) quiet intensity.

Matthew Cardinal
Matthew Cardinal might be known to you as a member of nêhiyawak, but that will do little to prepare you for the avant-garde improvisational work he does under his own name. This is meditative music caught on the interplay of freeform guitar and synth.

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