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Sled Island and Cry Baby present: Stef Chura with guests

Sled Island and Cry Baby present: Stef Chura with guests
Thursday, June 20, 2019

Sled Island and Cry Baby present Stef Chura with Sunglaciers, Bud Fraiser & the Electric Razors and Marlaena Moore

Upstairs there will be a FREE SHOW with Nice Apple, The Orange Kyte, The Garrys and The WON'Ts

Stef Chura
Motor City wunderkind Stef Chura is releasing her new album Midnight (produced by Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest) less than two weeks before appearing at Sled Island. That Saddle Creek release is the latest in Chura's streak of white-knuckled garage-punk discography, an oeuvre defined as much by grit as brazen vulnerability. This is the last call to be an early adopter.

Now a four-piece with the addition of Helen Young on synth, Sunglaciers have managed to polish their psych-pop gems to an even brighter sparkle. With added atmosphere and a knack for performance, the rising Calgary band are poised for a breakthrough.

Bud Fraiser & the Electric Razors
Bud Frasier was created when a rock ’n’ roll croupier shuffled The Wet Secrets and Shout Out Out Out Out and then cut the deck to reveal Christian Maslyk as the frontman. Bud has its own thing going on, but with the party vibes, musical chairs and weird hats they’re definitely a chip off the old block.

Marlaena Moore
If you’ve lived in Alberta at any point in the past seven years, it’s highly likely you’ve already fallen in love with Marlaena Moore. As one of Alberta’s most prolific performers, Moore has become the face of singer/songwriters in the province with her honest songwriting and show-stopping voice.

Nice Apple
With songs averaging two minutes or less, Nice Apple moves at a breakneck speed designed to hype up live audiences from the moment their shows start. Feverish riffs and Frankie Cosmos-goes-punk vocals create a sound that’s accessible and abrasive at the same time. Guaranteed to be volatile, the trio’s debut album is set to arrive ahead of their Sled Island performance.

In the grand tradition of psych rock — both the ‘60s variety and the glorious ‘90s Brit-pop resurrection — The Orange Kyte take listeners on brain-melting journeys through weird landscapes with no shortage of bubbling instrumentalization and layered dreaminess. Get ready to gaze at those shoes, as they lead you into oblivion.

The Garrys
Two years after the release of their latest album, Surf Manitou, The Garrys have become a bonafide Western Canadian musical institution. The three sisters from Saskatoon have turned their live show of landlocked surf music into a potent package that they’ve been delivering to crowds across the globe.

The WON’Ts
The WON’Ts embody wholesome summer fun in their sound. This group of best friends deliver a feel-good and infectious show with group harmonies, surf guitars, and combo organs. Their refreshingly nostalgic tunes are a perfect balance of sunshine pop and garage rock to tap your toes along to.

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