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Sled Island and This is Pop! present: The Sick Things and more

Sled Island and This is Pop! present: The Sick Things and more
Saturday, June 22, 2019


Sled Island and This is Pop! present: The Sick Things, Sister Suzie, The Mandates, Slow Tide and The This.

The Sick Things
Do you wanna rock all night and part of every day? Your juvenile dreams come true as The Sick Things introduce a new generation to the filth and glamour of living life to its fullest. Caffeinated with grinding guitars and power-pop vocals, these veterans score high using old school moves.

Sister Suzie
With that rare tough-but-sweet swagger of Thin Lizzy's immensely hummable catalogue, if there were any justice in rock & roll, Sister Suzie would be heard blaring out of every car window in Western Canada this summer. The tunes are big but not dumb, punk but not aggro, catchy but not obvious. In other words, they’re a perfect rock & roll band.

The Mandates
Punching chaperones square in the jaw, these leather jacket hooligans model a whole new power-punk dynamic. High-key garage rock hustlers who specialize in setting fretboards and hormones ablaze, their lowbrow brashness is just a prelude to the rumble seat thrills that await when The Mandates hit the fast lane.

Slow Tide
Despite their name, Slow Tide is anything but a calm day on the water. This 5-piece surf-tinged punk band feels like catching the climactic wave during the 50-year storm at the end of Point Break. With an earned swagger, they deliver hook after hook to the retro-obsessed, rock & roll dress-up party that is most surf rock.

The This
With a neon-brightness warmly washing over, power-trio The This offer a welcoming refuge above bouncing instrumental strikes. At some points swaying and swinging, and at others driving forward with conviction, The This have an innate ability to create tracks which will leave you yelling along by the final chorus, regardless of if you know the lyrics or not

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