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Sled Island Presents: BeatRoute Annual Hangover Breakfast

Sled Island Presents: BeatRoute Annual Hangover Breakfast
Saturday, June 23, 2018

Doors at 11:30am MDT
Tickets: $12 ($14.92 including fees and GST)
Passes: http://www.sledisland.com/passes

Lineup: Solid Freex, Cryptorips, Bridal Party, Marlaena Moore, Counterfeit Jeans, smoke eaters, Samantha Savage Smith and Peach Pyramid

Free breakfast (while supplies last) starts at noon! Please bring your own coffee.

Solid Freex
Comprised of a drummer father (who also plays in Trin Tran) and his two sons, Solid Freex is a family raised by insuppressible enthusiasm for punk. The trio’s first album is packed with focused songs, averaging two minutes in length and landing like a flurry of quick jabs. Through shrill vocals, crashing cymbals and brassy guitars, Solid Freex doesn’t give their audience a second to breathe during their berserk set.

Cryptorips are an angular punk group made up of members of North of America and Holy Fuck. Their fast, serrated riffs stop short of being punishing, languishing alongside the band’s invitingly rhythmic bass lines and beats. Cryptorips is another thrilling chapter for a batch of talented musicians who refuse to get stale.

Bridal Party
Bridal Party make jangle pop riddled with desire and friendliness. Dual vocalists Suzannah Raudaschl and Joseph Leroux coo breezily over plucky guitars and a twitchy rhythm section, loosening up the listener to cheer for the wily underdog. They’re a band that’ll convince you some of life’s best treasures are its simplest.

Marlaena Moore
Marlaena Moore writes serious, heartbreaking songs, bringing you to the point of despair while still bopping with a smile on your face. Her songs could be called anthemic if not for their intuitive restraint. Her butter-melting voice and woozy guitar come to a charge only to stagger back, never letting her anguish be simplified into a jingle.

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