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Sled Island presents: Diamondtown, Old Apartments & Astral Swans

Sled Island presents: Diamondtown, Old Apartments & Astral Swans
Thursday, June 20, 2019


Comprised of members from both Eric’s Trip and Dog Days, Diamondtown is cozy and familiar, yet distinct in execution. The group takes timeless chord progressions and creates songs that travel beyond borders of genre and era. With lead guitar lines that dance atop a backbone of acoustic strums, Diamondtown creates soundscapes filled with precise harmonies and warm vocals, pushing beyond the folk-standards to offer sonic spaces all their own.

Old Apartments
Foot-stomping drum arrangements and distinguished guitar work instantly establish the ambitious scope of Old Apartments. The band builds melodies from the ground up before erupting into a thrilling climax of expansive instrumentation and emotional wails. A sign of great music to come, the band linked up with Chris Dadge of Lab Coast to produce its next EP.

Astral Swans
Astral proprietor Matthew Swann writes soft and swimmy music that sounds the way the sky looks when it’s reflected in one of those oil-rainbow puddles that collect on the streets after a prairie evening rain blast. But even as they’re evaporating into the psych-folk darkened atmosphere, Swanns’ songs have an ugly-duckling honesty keeping them grounded.

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