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Sled Island Presents: Fountain, Chiffres, Necking and Blue Odeur

Sled Island Presents: Fountain, Chiffres, Necking and Blue Odeur
Thursday, June 21, 2018

Doors at 3:30pm MDT
Tickets: $12 ($14.92 including fees and GST)
Passes: http://www.sledisland.com/passes

Behind idiosyncratic song structures that shudder with frenetic rhythm stand Fountain, a whirlwind post-punk act revelling in pandemonium. Ripping through tracks that forego convention in favour of left-turn flair and driving guitarwork, Fountain pen tunes that continue to shake the room long after the music stops.

Chiffres are experimentalists making damaged-sounding post-punk that gets under your skin. While their song "Purple Disco" can be as fun as its name implies, there's still an eerie menace that interrupts the party. As a band with just a few tracks so far, their potential to bring together rhythm and abrasion has us holding our breath for more.

Necking's debut tape begins with a track including the chorus "I'm gonna be your daddy now; you're gonna call me daddy." Before you gag, it's worth noting that the all-female band is probably using their killer sense of humour to mock that kind of thing. The pop-punk foursome will probably crack you up a few times over the course of the tape—that, gang vocals and satisfyingly simple hooks are their greatest strengths.

Blue Odeur
Blue Odeur are an experimental art rock band that exist in paradoxically different lanes at once. Erratically switching between spooky minimalism and genuinely danceable post-punk grooves, they possess an untamed spontaneity that keeps you on the edge of your seat even at the more challenging moments.

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