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Sled Island Presents: Guerilla Toss, VICTIME, Janitor Scum, and Crom/Dam

Sled Island Presents: Guerilla Toss, VICTIME, Janitor Scum, and Crom/Dam
Friday, June 22, 2018

Doors at 3:30pm MDT
Tickets $15 ($18.40 including fees and GST)
Passes: http://www.sledisland.com/passes

Guerilla Toss
Originally hailing from the Boston DIY scene, Guerilla Toss are a highly rhythmic punk band that add a new layer of jubilant weirdness with each release. Held down by the consistency of Kassie Carlson’s mix of yelps and plain-spoken vocals as well as drummer Peter Negroponte’s primal polyrhythms, GTOSS has the freedom to stretch into psychedelics, funk and electronic sounds without losing their abrasive core.

Crawling out of a bar brawl in Quebec City, VICTIME make writhing, angular post-punk. Sporadic but focused, these captivating tracks are a toothless grin plastered all over your face. Put on your Docs or your dancing shoes—either way, you'll feel at home.

Janitor Scum
You haven’t lived until you’ve had your eardrum perforated by a surprise slide whistle solo at a Janitor Scum show. Antagonistically loud and completely unpredictable, Janitor Scum are taking songs about canned meats (Puritan brand, of course) and shopping carts to their shit-talking scuzz punk zenith.

Crom/Dam is the duo of guitarist T. and bassist S., but it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine their self-deprecatingly lo-fi synth assault as a third member. The relatively new punk act thrash on their respective instruments wildly, while a backing track of near-malfunctioning programmed electronics add a sinister heft to their wall of sound. Having already sold out a VHS-cassingle and embarking on their first regional tour this summer, the game is theirs to lose.

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