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Sled Island presents: Ian Blurton's Future Now and guests

Sled Island presents: Ian Blurton's Future Now and guests
Saturday, June 22, 2019

Sled Island presents Ian Blurton's Future Now with Black Thunder, Woodhawk and Chron Goblin

Ian Blurton's Future Now
While blazing the trails of the cross-Canada tour route with Change Of Heart and pulverizing the ear drums of music nerds across the country with C'mon, Blurtonia, Public Animal and Bionic, Ian Blurton cemented his status as a national treasure long ago. However, it's the righteous sounds of his new band, backed by members of Blue Rodeo and Daniel Romano and Randy Bachman's bands, unashamedly tipping the ol' Padres cap to Budgie, The MC5 and Thin Lizzy, that may necessitate a new edition of the Canrock history books to be written.

Black Thunder
Ominous clouds gather and ravens whirl in synchrony—the storm has arrived. Penultimate metal-twisting rock-crushers, Black Thunder foretell a war between the forces of order and anarchy. Hail a new era of power and precision! Cast aside your umbrella and let a smile be your dagger.

Catching the tiger by its tail, the intrepid rock trio Woodhawk fears nothing that abides within the hearts of mortal men. Their towering riffs, jagged hooks and chest-pounding rhythms will ignite a dark fire within the softest of souls, converting any who are bold enough to listen.

Chron Goblin
In a genre too often defined by surface-level rock & roll dress-up and musical atrophy from long hours of blind Black Sabbath worship, Chron Goblin stand out by stretching their musical smarts. Welcome and clever nods to southern rock and psychedelia ensure that the inevitable bangover will be worn proudly and felt for days.

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