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Sled Island Wrap-Up BBQ w/ Kid Congo Powers, Har Mar Superstar, Tasha and guests

Sled Island Wrap-Up BBQ w/ Kid Congo Powers, Har Mar Superstar, Tasha and guests
Sunday, June 23, 2019

Join us for the 10th annual Wrap-Up BBQ with Kid Congo + the Pink Monkey Birds, Har Mar Superstar, Tasha and more!

Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds
The constant metamorphosis of Kid Congo Powers (a.k.a. Brian Tristan) always keeps intact a few things: ooky-spooky vocals sputtered over raw and wiggly grooves, and a certain mystic, nightmare glamour. Kid Congo was a founding member of the The Gun Club before joining The Cramps and later, Nick Cave's Bad Seeds, but it's with him in the spotlight alongside the Pink Monkey Birds where his outsider charm takes full effect.

Har Mar Superstar
Between Prince and The Replacements, Minneapolis is no stranger to truly great music, so it was no small feat when Har Mar Superstar Day was officially proclaimed in 2013. The honour had surely been earned long before that, though, with over a decade's worth of sultry and sweaty RnB croons and an eye-opening, tighty-whitey showcasing live show that is now the stuff of legend. While often reverential and referential, Har Mar's undeniable passion and one-of-a-kind voice ensure he'll always have a seat at the table of the greats that came before.

Now and again a musician arrives already at the peak of their powers: no faking it until they make it, no awkward artistic adolescence. For example, Tasha's recent EP Alone at Last introduces a voice that is reverberant but still and a guitar style that';s minimal but overflowing with life. If you don't fall in love with her song "Kind of Love" on first listen, you may want to consider growing a soul.

Look, we don';t blame you if you're not familiar with Korea's indie scene from the '90s. Just take our word for it when we say that frontperson Lee YunJoung's Bbibbi Band and EE projects are, like, a big ol' deal. The peppy trio makes high-intensity pop music with a herky-jerk of post-punk angularity that will leave you grinning if you can keep your jaw from falling off completely.

Japanese for hungry, HARAHELLS make casual pop music for voracious music fans who don't commoditize culture based on geography. HARAHELLS aren't the next J-Pop or Burger Records band, they're two talented friends making the music that comes natural to them. They've got spirit and pander to no one. Were you expecting something else?

GYM Tonic
If you can picture a mosh pit breaking out at wake while the organist sniffs glue with the bereaved, you might have an idea of what these shit disturbers sound like. The transatlantic combination of Canadian and French musicians making punk-era Devo jams in Berlin is all gang vocals, spin-out synth and murky rumble.

Drawing inspiration from indie rock of the '90s, Mujahedeen capture the underlying exasperation present in the guitar licks and lyrics from that golden era. They are instantly familiar without sounding like cheap imitations. The band carries the torch and lights up areas left unexplored while paying homage to the greats, evoking Doug Martsch's temperamental vocals and Fugazi's crowd-igniting riffs.

There aren't many bands in Canada that sound like they're having as much fun as Motherhood. With their latest release Dear Bongo, the Fredericton trio have managed the impossible: a deliriously entertaining concept album full of knotty, off-kilter rock songs that sounds like a kitchen party gone prog.

Tightly winding and unwhirling in a cosmic soundscape of dizzying tones and syncopated strikes, Possum's psychedelic storm is an organized chaos compiled with absolute precision. Never static, Possum create an atmosphere filled so thickly with dazzling attacks of musicianship and mayhem that it's easy to get gleefully lost within the confines of a song.

Ig Bo Lyn
Arriving fully-formed in that magical space between loose and tight, veteran folk-singer Clinton St. John's latest project maintains the finely-honed and cathartic storytelling of his past, but amplifies it with a musical accompaniment as raw and ragged as the heartstrings less confident musicians would have replaced long ago.

Close your eyes and you can easily picture Lisa Conway (a.k.a. L CON) live on stage at the Bang Bang Bar, an audience drenched in smalltown heartbreak at her mercy. Her experimental approach to pop involves droning organ and new wave-noir synths orbiting the core that is her expressive voice and minimal guitar playing. Conway was recently selected for the Red Bull Music Academy following the widespread critical acclaim for her album Insecurities In Being.

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