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UADA, Wolvhammer & The Black Moriah with Vile Insignia & Traer

UADA, Wolvhammer & The Black Moriah with Vile Insignia & Traer
Thursday, June 28, 2018

We just wanted to let everyone know that Distortion is closing and will no longer be open for this show on June 28th. We have moved the event to The Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club and we will honor all tickets including the Showpass online tickets at the new venue. Please note that capacity is much less than Distortion and tickets are moving fast. Don't wait long or you may be disappointed. Thank you for your understanding.

METALHEADS UNITED is proud to welcome UADA back to Calgary with support from Wolvhammer and The Black Moriah on the Snakes & Vultures over North America tour on Thursday, June 28th!

Doors at 7pm. $15 Advance tickets available online now at www.showpass.com/uada/ with physical tickets available at Sloth Records and from local bands Vile Insignia and Trær.

From the darkness, UADA (meaning haunted in latin) emerges breathing the spirit of the original 90’s Black Metal wave. Since 2014, this Portland, Oregon four-piece has used a unique approach to combine raw black metal and spectral melodies.

January 24th, 2015 saw the live debut appearance for a packed house at ‘Famine Fest II in Portland, alongside bands like Terrorizer, Engorged, Nekrofilth, Drawn & Quartered, Cemetery Lust & many more. Uada was well received & quickly dubbed one of the main highlights of the Festival. Following their first and only photo shoot with Peter Beste, Uada returned fire in Portland at the 6th Northwestern Black Circle Festival with Inquisition, Demoncy, Weregoat, Slutvomit & many more. This first year included 10 additional showings in the Pacific Northwest with Antaeus, Negura Bunget, Bell Witch, Christian Mistress, Sabbath Assembly, and more.

In spring 2016, their debut album “Devoid of Light” will be released via Eisenwald, self-recorded by the band & then mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust). It features the artwork of Kris Verwimp and band photography by Peter Beste. In support of this new album, Uada is confirmed to play the Northwestern Black Circle Festival again, this time with Absu and will mark the kick off date for a west coast tour.

“Uada is one of the most interesting & exciting bands coming out of Portland these days” – John Haughm (Agalloch)



The Black Moriah

Vile Insignia


Doors at 7pm. $15 Advance tickets available online now at showpass.com with physical tickets available at Sloth Records and from Vile Insignia and Traer.

Presented by METALHEADS UNITED and The Celestial Agency.

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