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The Palomino Smokehouse drink and beverage menu features a wide variety of beer, wine and liquor selections. Beer options range from local microbrews to country-wide favourites like PBR, Old Mill, Corona and Pilsner.

Our liquor menu features highballs, cocktails, and a nice variety of bourbons, scotch and tequila. For the wine lovers out there we provide wine bottles and by-the-glass options in both red and white selected to pair wonderfully with your meal.

Palomino - Drink Menu

Bourbon + Whiskey (1 oz) $7.50 and up
Knob Creek
Evan Williams Single Barrel
Maker’s Mark
Buffalo Trace
Woodford Reserve
Basil Hayden’s
Elijah Craig
Russell’s Reserve
Pike Creek
Lot 40
Crown Royal
Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey Rare Breed
Wild Turkey Longbranch
Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit
Wild Turkey American Honey
Jack Daniel’s
Jack Daniel’s Rye
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Rye

Rum (1 oz) $7.50 and up
The Kraken
Sailor Jerry
El Dorado
Parrot Bay Coconut

Tequila (1 oz) $7.50 and up
Patron Reposado
Patron Anejo
Roca Patron Silver
Roca Patron Reposado
Roca Patron Anejo
El Jimador

Scotch (1 oz) $7.50 and up
Johnny Walker Red
Johnny Walker Black

Palomino Cocktails (2 oz) $15
Smokey Bourbon Caesar
Palomino Lemonade
Kentucky Temple
Bourbon Tea

On Tap
1516 $6
PBR $7
Duke Lager $7
Parallel 49 Craft Lager $6.5
Blue Buck $8
Phillips Unicorn $8
Wild Rose Crude $8.5
Steam whistle $8
Temptation IPA $8

Bottles + Cans (355ml)
Miller Highlife $7
MGD $7.25
Coors Light $7
Molson Canadian $7
Corona $7.25
Kronenbourg $7.25
Heineken $7.25
Hey Y’all $7.5
Steamwhistle $7
PRB Strong Vodka Soda $6.5
Radler $7
Village Logger $5
Phoenix Gold $5.25

Bottles + Cans (473ml)
PBR $7
Old Milwaukee $7
Pilsner $7.5
Phillips Shortwave $8
Fat Tire Amber $8
Steamwhistle Shandy $8
Lone Tree Cider $7.5
Phillips Grape Fruit Sour $7.5

Mixed Drinks
High Balls $7.50
Cocktails $8

Wine 5 oz.
5 oz Glass $10
Bottle $48

Montes Sauv Blanc
KRIS Wines Pinot Grigio
Matchbook Chardonnay

Montes Cab Blend
Tilia Malbec
Monster Vineyards Red Eye

Pop $3.50
Juice $3.75
Coffee/Tea $3.50
Energy Drinks $5.50

Drinks - The Palomino